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Definitive Technology UIW 83/A InCeiling Loudspeaker

Model #: UIW 83/A
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Definitive Technology UIW 83/A InCeiling Loudspeaker

Outer Flange Diameter | (Metric) :10 | 25.4 cm
Cut Out Diameter | (Metric) :9 | 22.9 cm
Depth from Flange | Metric :3-7/8 | 9.8 cm
Driver Complement :One 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter coaxially mounted in an 8" bass/midrange driver
Frequency Response :27 Hz 30 kHz
Impedance :Compatible with 8 Ohm outputs
Sensitivity :
Recommended Associated Amplifier Power :10 250 watts
A/V Receiver Crossover Setting :60 Hz
Inputs :One pair of gold plated spring loaded posts
Available Finishes :Paintable White
Packaging :Two to a carton

This does NOT come with a MFR warranty

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